Complex Pelvi Acetabular Reconstructive Surgery

Complex Pelvi Acetabular Reconstructive Surgery

Published on 06 Mar, 23

The breakage in the acetabulum or pelvis of the hip is a severe injury that generally requires serious consideration. When you consult an orthopaedic surgeon for these kinds of problems, the doctor performs pelvis-acetabular surgery for treating your condition and make your life pain-free. While some patients need pelvis-acetabular reconstructive surgery – one of the most challenging procedures for orthopaedic surgeons – for restoring weight bearing along with anatomic axes.

Without reconstruction, an individual may be unable to ambulate independently. They are also left with a disfigured pelvis and shortened limbs that make them unable to enjoy their life. A reconstruction surgery is basically performed with total hip arthroplasty for treating your condition and get the ability to enjoy your life. The reconstruction process also has advanced and is perfect to make a healthy comeback to your life.

While now several doctors are performing complex pelvis-acetabular reconstructive surgery, Dr. Nikhil Verma is one of the most talented and skilled orthopaedic surgeons that perform different types of joint replacement surgeries along with complex pelvis-acetabular reconstructive surgery. He holds a lot of experience in doing Arthroplasty (Primary & Revision), Arthroscopy (Knee & Shoulder), Complex fracture management, Pelvis-Acetabular Surgeries, and many others. He has also treated hundreds of individuals by performing success successful pelvis-acetabular reconstructive surgery.

The expert has also attended quite a lot of lectures and workshops in complex trauma like pelvic-acetabular surgeries and arthroscopic surgeries. He uses state-of-the-art technology for offering the latest treatment options for different kinds of joint replacement surgeries. Do you want to undergo pelvis-acetabular reconstructive surgery for treating your hip arthroplasty problem, consult Dr. Nikhil Verma. He will provide safe and effective treatment options for treating complex pelvis-acetabular problems and improving your quality of life. Here, you will get the best treatment with the assurance to make a healthy comeback to your life.

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