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Best Arthroscopy Surgeon in Delhi – Dr.Nikhil Verma

Dr Nikhil Verma is one of the reputed Arthroscopy Surgeon In Delhi for knee arthroscopy, hip arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy at Sant Parmanand Hospital. An arthroscopy is a medical process that is used for diagnosing and treating different kinds of joint problems. In this surgical process, a small cut is made to insert a thin tube with a camera to analyze the internal condition of your joint. The camera helps to display your joint condition on the monitor, and then the doctor takes a close view of your ailment and starts the treatment.

Many individuals are suffering from different kinds of joint problems like shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, and more. Several conservative treatments are available for these conditions such as physical therapy, injections, pain medication, and many others. But when an individual has a severe condition and is feeling pain in their joints, they should undergo knee, hip, or shoulder arthroscopy surgery.

Best Arthroscopy Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Nikhil Verma is one of the best arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi that performs arthroscopy surgery using advanced and state-of-the-art technology to treat their patients without causing any side effects. As an experienced doctor, he helps people to improve their quality of life and enjoy their regular activities.

The arthroscopy process was developed in the 20th century and brought one of the excellent methods to analyze and treat joint problems in the field of orthopaedics. Now, this surgical process is used globally for a range of joint conditions. A doctor prescribes arthroscopy when an individual’s condition is not improving with normal diagnostics and non-surgical treatments.

A person can look for a Best Arthroscopy Surgeon In Delhi when they have

Knee Arthroscopy

During knee arthroscopy surgery, a surgeon eliminates sepsis & inflamed or swollen synovial tissue, reconstructs your damaged ACL, cuts the injured tendon, and fixes the torn-up meniscus.

Arthroscopy Surgeon in Delhi

Hip Arthroscopy

This is one of the most popular arthroscopies surgical processes. Hip arthroscopy helps to treat pediatric orthoscopic disorders, which has made it more popular among people. When this surgical procedure is performed, a doctor operates on femoroacetabular impingement, degenerative hip joint syndrome, chondral pathological problems, internal & external hip shattering, and more.

hip arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthroscopy

In the human body, the shoulder is one of the most highly mobile joints that helps to do almost all your activities. But some conditions can impact their mobility as well as make it hard to do their regular activities. Nothing is better than consulting an arthroscopic surgeries for diagnosing instability and treating shoulder bursitis, torn-up cartilage, and other conditions.
Apart from these, ankle arthroscopy and elbow arthroscopy surgeries are also performed for treating stiffness, loose bodies, tennis elbow, and several other problems.

shoulder arthroscopy

Prepare Yourself for An Arthroscopy with an Experienced Arthroscopy Surgeon in Delhi

Arthroscopy is one of the most highly efficient surgical procedures that help to bring the activeness of your life. But before and after this surgical process, a patient needs to take some precautions to keep themselves safe from infection and faster recovery and not worry about arthroscopy surgery cost because we know your situation.

Before The Procedure
  • Avoid taking certain medicines and supplements to reduce the possibility of possible complications. If you need to take some regular medicines for health issues, like heart disease, kidney problems, blood pressure, thyroid, and others, you should tell your doctor. If he recommends you, then go on.
  • Due to the use of anesthesia, you should avoid taking solid foods the night before the surgery.
During the Procedure
  • Just before the surgery, a patient needs to take off their jewelry, clothing, and watches. Wear light and comfortable clothes during your surgery.
After the Procedure
  • Avoid driving, heavy exercises, and physical activities, because these things can put pressure on your operated part.
  • Consider wearing loose clothes to keep your cut safe from irritation and heal it fast.
  • Take your prescribed medicines like painkillers, antibiotics, and others in time for a faster recovery.
  • One of the most important things that you should do after the surgery is to follow the ‘RICE’ process (Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate). It will reduce the chances of swelling and blood clotting. It also makes your operated area soothe to heal it fast.
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Are you facing a joint problem and thinking about shoulder surgery? Consult Dr Nikhil Verma – one of the best orthopaedic doctors who perform arthroscopic surgery to treat knee, hip, and shoulder problems. With a lot of experience and expertise, he has improved several people’s lives.

He has done a fellowship in arthroscopic from one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea. So, why you are thinking too much? Contact us immediately and schedule an appointment. We are always available to bring back the quality of life of each patient.

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