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Hip Replacement Surgery – Provide Relief from Back Pain and Improve Your Stability

Hip replacement, also known as hip arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure used to treat hip problems. The surgery is usually performed by one of the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi who helps in treating your problem by replacing your damaged or injured hip parts with artificial ones.

Now, this problem has become very common, and you can find one or more than one individual in each house who is suffering from hip pain. It can limit your walking, sitting, and other normal activities. But why are you thinking too much about this? An experienced doctor like Dr. Nikhil Verma is here to help you with your problem. He will treat your problem by performing hip replacement surgery. He helped thousands of people with a successful surgery rate.

Each person has different reasons for hip problems. But arthritis is one of the main reasons for hip problems. There are also different types of arthritis including Osteoarthritis, Osteonecrosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis that cause hip pain. If anyone is suffering from these problems, they should go under a hip surgery in Delhi, NCR.

  • Osteoarthritis: The main cause of this kind of arthritis is age-related wear and tear. This arthritis problem can cause redness or swelling around your hip. In this problem, your bones come across each other and make you uncomfortable.
  • Osteonecrosis: This arthritis problem controls the blood supply to the hip joint and later it can deform or collapse your bones and cause hip pain.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Also known as an autoimmune problem, rheumatoid arthritis can cause swelling. If you don’t treat this problem, it can make your life worse.

What Makes Dr. Nikhil Verma the Best for Hip Surgery in Delhi?

Hip replacement surgery makes your life better and improves your quality of life. While everyone has different reasons and conditions, their surgical procedure will be different. Different types of hip surgeries are performed based on your weight, age, and situation.

  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery: In this surgical procedure, your whole hip joint is replaced with an artificial joint that is either made of metal, ceramic, or plastic.
  • Hip Resurfacing Surgery: This kind of hip replacement surgery is the best option for younger individuals. In this surgical process, doctors remove the damaged or injured part of the hip joint and then place a metal cap.
  • Birmingham Hip Resurfacing: In this surgical procedure, metal implantation is used to replace your hip joint. It is good for patients with healthy and large bones.
  • Keyhole Arthroscopic Surgery: Also known as minimally invasive surgery, this process is used for monitoring your hip joints and replacing them with new ones. During the process, a small cut is made near your damaged area for inserting the surgical tools and a camera.
  • Hip Realignment: This surgical procedure is one of the best options for repositioning the hip joint. Successful repositioning will reduce your pain and improve stability. Hip realignment is an ideal choice for people who have hip joint distortion or instability problems.

The Evolution of Total Hip Replacement Surgery Techniques

Total Hip replacement surgery generally requires 1-2 hours. General anesthesia or regional anesthesia is used during surgery to minimize pain. After a successful surgery, a patient needs to stay for one or 2 days to monitor the condition and better outcome. Discover the expertise of Dr. Nikhil Verma in Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi, Find information on the procedure and post-operative care.

Total hip replacement surgery in Delhi is one of the best options to get relief from severe hip pain. A patient can also experience a lot of benefits, such as:

  • High Success Rate: Compared to several other conservative treatments, total hip replacement is considered one of the best options for hip problems. This is also known as one of the most effective and safest processes for treating hip pain.
  • Provide Relief from Pain: The main reason for underdoing total hip replacement is pain. And it will help you to get relief from severe pain and make your life better.
  • Long-Lasting Consequence: A hip replacement is the best approach for treating hip arthritis problems. You can get a long-lasting outcome after surgery.
  • Hip replacement surgery Cost: It depends on various factors like where you live, the device type, length of stay in the hospital, insurance coverage, and after-care needs.

Consult Us for Total or Partial Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

Do you want to undergo total or partial hip replacement surgery in Delhi? Contact Dr Nikhil Verma – He is one of the most preferred orthopaedic surgeons in Delhi that helped many people by treating their problems effectively. He has been practicing orthopedics since 2011 and holds years of experience in his work.

The expert has performed more than 1500 joint replacement surgeries. So, consult us and make an appointment. He will surely treat your problem and make you able to enjoy the rest of your life happily.

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