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Ligament Reconstruction Surgeon In Delhi – Dr.Nikhil Verma

Ligaments are basically structures that help to keep the bones in their location. It also helps in making joint movement and makes your bone function easy. But sometimes, you may face some problems and a specialist will help you in taking care of your ligaments and their structure and functions.

Dr. Nikhil Verma is one of the best ligament reconstruction surgeon in Delhi at Sant Parmanand Hospital that helps to treat your difficulty by performing surgery. He holds a lot of experience in his work and helps you to come back to your normal activity as soon as possible. He has performed more than a hundred surgeries with a 100% success rate.

Ligaments are strong connections that help to attach one bone to another bone. When you face an ACL problem, a ligament reconstruction surgery is performed for replacing torn ligaments with the muscle that connects muscles to the bone. ACL sprains and tear are one of the most common knee injuries that generally occurs in athletes who play football, soccer, basketball, and more.

Ligament Reconstruction Surgery

There are four different types of structures in our knee. These different structures or ligaments help to keep the thigh and leg bones together.

  • MCL (Medical Collateral Ligament): This kind of ligament generally prevents your knee from moving excessively sidewards. MCL starts from the thigh tendon and inserts into the leg bone in the internal part of your knee.
  • LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament): The main work of LCL is to prevent sideward mobility of the knee. This kind of ligament starts on the thigh bone and adds to the leg tendon.
  • ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament): The main function of ACL is to prevent unnecessary movement from the front to the back of the knee. Like LCL, it also begins from your thigh bone and introduces into the leg bone.
  • PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament): PCL is also a kind of ligament that helps to prevent backward movement of the knee.

Problems with ligaments are usually common with individuals who play football, soccer, or other games, very active people, and many others. When you have any problem in your ligament, it can cause serious problems like severe pain. Not in every case, but occasionally it can stop your mobility.

An  orthopaedic surgeon will diagnose your problem and provide the best treatment. If you are ignoring or delaying your treatment, it can cause inflammation, damage, sprain, and tear. There are different kinds of ligament surgeries that are performed based on the patient’s condition and problem.

  • ACL Repair Surgery: This kind of ligament surgery is used for repairing your structure. It helps to fix your ligament back to its location.
  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery: This ligament surgery is used when your ACL is torn with most of its structure. At that time, it is impossible to preserve the native ligament, and then reconstruction is the best option.
  • PCL: It can be repaired or reconstructed. When you are facing a problem on one end it can be fixed. But when the problem is in the middle, you need to undergo reconstruction surgery to reconstruct using spare ligaments.
  • MCL: if you are facing an MCL problem, a small surgery is performed for treating it. During the surgery, the ends are repaired or reconstructed.

Not all tendon requires surgery. There are basically two types of patients’ copers and noncopers. Copers belong to a less active lifestyle which means their ligament role is not significant and they don’t require surgery. While non-coper patients need surgery for treating their ligament problems.

Facing Ligament Problems? Contact Dr. Nikhil Verma in Delhi

If you are your loved one are facing ligament problems, contact Dr. Nikhil Verma. He is one of the Pioneer Ligament Reconstruction Surgeon in Delhi to treat different kinds of ligament problems. He understands their patient concern and helps them by providing the best treatment for their problem.

He knows an athlete’s active lifestyle is very important, so they perform surgery keeping this thing in mind and help them to go back to the field again without any complications or side effects. The expert has performed hundreds of surgeries, so he does all procedures with the utmost accuracy rate.

Trust Dr. Nikhil Verma for Ligament Reconstruction Surgery in Delhi. With his specialized skills, he ensures a successful and effective procedure for your recovery.

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