Acl Ligament Reconstruction Surgery In Delhi

Understanding ACL Ligament Reconstruction Surgery in Delhi: Procedure, Risks, and Aftercare

ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most important parts of our knee that help us to walk, sit, climb, and do several other activities. It helps maintain knee stabilization as well as connects the thigh bone to the shin bone.

Accidentally, our knee becomes injured or damaged due to sudden twists, continuous blows, and some other causes. People who play sports are more prone to ACL injury. It can also happen due to a hasty change in movement, and you may experience a popping sensation and swelling. If you are suffering from ACL injury and searching for one of the Pioneer ACL Ligament Reconstruction Surgery In Delhi, consult Dr. Nikhil Verma. He is known as one of the most popular and experienced orthopaedic surgeon that hold specialisation in hip, knee, shoulder, and sports injuries. When you go with him, you will get the best treatment with a positive result. He uses innovative medical technology to diagnose and treat your problem without any side effects.

ACL ligament reconstruction surgery in Delhi
ACL Ligament Reconstruction Surgery: A Life-Changing Procedure

Today, many different types of treatments are available for ACL injuries. But you should choose one after properly diagnosing and analysing your problem. Conservative treatments like physical therapy, pain medications, exercises, and others may be helpful in acute ACL injury. If your problem is severe and can’t be managed by conservative treatments, your doctor will recommend ACL surgery.

A completely damaged knee ligament can’t be treated without ACL surgery and a patient will need to follow some important guidelines for post-surgery rehabilitation. After a successful ACL injury, you can get back on your feet without any side effects and discomfort as well as improve the operational anatomy of the knee joint.

ACL surgery is one of the most effective and safest surgical procedures of ACL reconstruction. ACL is available in the centre of our knee and when it became damaged, causes several problems in and around our knee. It can also affect your physical and mental health by making you unable to walk, climb, attend social events, and more.

During ACL surgical procedures, the damaged part is removed and replaced with an artificial joint just making a small cut in your knee. Not all professionals can perform this kind of surgery, so always find, and contact an experienced ACL surgeon, like Dr. Nikhil Verma, for a successful ACL ligament reconstruction surgery in Delhi. There are some approaches that are involved in ACL reconstruction surgery, including:

  • During ACL surgery, a graft is used for replacing the damaged ligament. Whether it can be an autograft, one of your hip tendons, or a quadriceps tendon.
  • ACL reconstructive surgical process is only used for displaced cracks in your knee. During this process, the bone fragments that are involved in the ACL are reattached to the bone.
  • Arthroscopic surgery – one of the latest techniques- is performed for ACL injury. When this process is started, some surgical instruments are generally inserted by making a slight cut in the knee.

Things to Consider After ACL Reconstruction Surgery

When you undergo ACL surgery, your doctor will keep you under observation for a few hours. If you don’t have any difficulties or problems, you will be discharged on the same day. For some days, you will have to wear some ortho devices for better support and protect your knee from pressure.

If you put pressure on your operated knee, your condition can be worst and make your recovery process lengthier. So always follow your doctor’s recommendation for a safe and successful recovery.

Where Can You Go for ACL Surgery in Delhi?

ACL surgery is basically one of the most complicated surgical procedures that are performed by skilled and experienced orthopaedic surgeons. When you go through an online search, you can find a lot of ACL surgeon in Delhi, so it can be difficult to find one that helps to treat your problem without any side-effect. Dr. Nikhil is one of the well-known and experienced ACL repair surgeon that has treated thousands of people by performing successful ACL surgery.

Consult Dr. Nikhil Verma for an Effective ACL surgery!

Are you feeling stuck due to your knee problem or ACL injury? Are you unable to enjoy your life and facing difficulties in your daily routine? Can you not play sports due to a ligament injury? Don’t worry. We are here for you.

As one of the leading orthopaedic surgeons, we help people to get back to their normal life by performing ACL Ligament Reconstruction Surgery In Delhi. We hear our patient’s problems patiently and then start the treatment to improve their quality of life. We are always available for our patients so why are you late? Take your phone, make a call, and book an appointment immediately!

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