Shoulder Replacement Surgeon In Delhi

Shoulder Replacement Surgeon In Delhi

Shoulder Injuries is one of the most common injuries that limit our mobility and make us unable to do our regular activities. As a mobile joint in the human body, it allows our hands to move in different directions and do dissimilar types of activities. When the ball of our shoulder joint is pushed out of the socket, a shoulder dislocation arises. The dislocation can happen both forwards and backward in our shoulder joints.

If you are having extreme pain in your shoulder joint and not treating it with conservative treatment, then consulting a shoulder replacement surgeon in Delhi is a good idea. Surgery will help you in improving your shoulder joint stability as well as prevent future dislocation. Now, doctors use minimally invasive surgical procedures for performing shoulder dislocation surgery that usually don’t need an overnight stay in the hospital.

Shoulder Replacement Surgeon In Delhi

Dr. Nikhil Verma is one of the most renowned shoulder replacement surgeon in Delhi that helped several people to improve their quality of life by performing a successful shoulder surgery. He holds a lot of experience in his work and ensures each patient returns to their regular work as soon as possible.

Shoulder dislocation usually affects younger individuals, people who play sports, and do hight demanding jobs. If you have any of the below-mentioned symptoms, you should consult a doctor, such as:

  • Severe shoulder pain
  • Swelling in your shoulder or upper arm
  • Feeling weak in your arm or hard to do any activities.
  • Facing problems in moving your arm
  • Muscle spams

Some potential causes of shoulder dislocation are:

  • Sports injuries
  • Accidents, including vehicle accidents.
  • Seizures and electric shocks
  • Accidentally falling on your shoulder and many others.

If a person has any of these symptoms and causes, then should immediately consult a surgeon. A specialist first does some tests like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scan, and X-rays to know the condition of your problem before the surgery.

After knowing your condition, they perform the surgery. During the surgery, a professional makes a small cut and inserts a powerful camera into your shoulder joint to know the actual condition of your joint, the location of the damage, and its severity.

After that, a surgeon makes another cut for a tool and performs the surgery for fixing tears, removing bone spurs, and repairing ligaments. A person can get a lot of benefits with minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as:

A Small Incision: During a shoulder arthroscopy surgery, small incisions are made on the front and back of the shoulder joint. While in open surgery, a 5-centimeter-long incision is made for performing the surgery.

Treats Different Types of Pain: A minimally invasive shoulder surgery or shoulder arthroscopy helps to treat different types of problems, including:

  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Bone spur removal
  • Removal or repair of the labarum
  • Repair of ligaments
  • Repair of swollen tissue or loose cartilage
  • Repair for recurrent shoulder dislocation

Quick Recovery: When you undergo a shoulder arthroscopy, you can get back to your home the same day. Your surgeon basically keeps you for a few hours in a recovery room for observation. You should call your family or friends to drive you home. By following your doctor’s recommendation and prescription, you can come back to your active quickly.

Minimally Invasive: A shoulder arthroscopy has a lower risk and chance of post-surgical infections. A sportsperson can come back to their favourite activity just in a few months. You can also take physical therapy to regain motion and strength in your hand.

Facing Severe Shoulder Pain or Dislocation? Contact Dr. Nikhil Verma

Handling and managing shoulder pain is not an easy task. So, if you or any of your loved ones are facing this health problem, consult Dr. Nikhil Verma – one of the best- frozen Shoulder treatment doctor in Delhi
 – that helps to treat your problem effectively with minimally invasive surgical techniques. He takes care of their patients and makes sure to get back to their normal life without any complications.

He has more than 10 years of experience in primary joint replacement, complex joint replacement, and revision joint replacement surgeries. He is one of the most popular shoulder specialist, and talented rotator cuff surgeon in Delhi orthopaedic and its related fields like joint replacement, arthroscopy, and many others.

Want to improve your shoulder condition and your life, contact us, and book an appointment! We are always available to help you and solve any queries regarding shoulder surgeries.

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